State-Of-The-Art Flooring Solutions

At West Coast Industrial Flooring Inc., we specialize in providing state-of-the-art flooring solutions. Our expertise extends from concrete polishing and seamless epoxy applications to terrazzo installations and more. Since 1992, we have been serving a multitude of industries in California, offering not only decorative but also functional commercial and industrial floor and wall epoxy coatings. These durable coatings are designed to stand up against abrasion, impact, thermal damage, and chemical attack, ensuring long-lasting robustness and reliability. 

West Coast Industrial Flooring Inc.

Our Offerings

Our services go beyond mere application; we utilize special techniques ensuring maximum durability and adherence to specified thicknesses. Our offerings include but are not limited to:

  • Integral floor and wall coatings

  • Urethane cement flooring systems

  • Concrete restoration

  • Heavy-duty trowel-applied industrial floors

  • High-build epoxy industrial coating systems

  • Decorative mosaic and faux deck coating systems

  • Engineered polymer-modified concrete sloping for drainage

  • Crack and joint repair

  • Negative side moisture vapor control

  • MMA (methyl methacrylate) flooring

  • Concrete polishing, densifying, staining, and sealing

  • Parking structure surface applications

  • Shot blasting and diamond grinding

  • Anti-microbial coatings

  • ESD flooring

  • USDA approved Coatings

  • Polyacrylate cementitious floor leveling and underlayment

  • Seamless epoxy and urethane trowel-applied resinous flooring

  • Terrazzo installation

  • Thin-film urethane and epoxy coating systems

  • Waterproofing

Leading-Edge Equipment for Precision Results

Our substantial investment in cutting-edge technology ensures outcomes that meet stringent physical tolerances and aesthetic standards. With our comprehensive equipment, we retain complete control throughout every project phase, eliminating the necessity for subcontractors. Our arsenal of surface preparation machinery encompasses the following:

  • HEPA Vacuum Recovery Systems are used during service preparation.

  • Blastrac: Steel shot-blasting machine for precise concrete profiling, preparing surfaces with controlled steel BB discharge and material collection.

  • Diamond Grinders: Hand-held and walk-behind machines abrading existing epoxy coatings for seamless new epoxy floor bonding.

West Coast Industrial Flooring Inc.

Our Surface Solutions

Benefiting from our robust manufacturer relationships, we present a diverse product selection aligning with your aesthetics and specifications. We facilitate LEED credit qualification through responsible waste management, material reclamation, and low-emission, VOC-compliant choices. Our extensive experience encompasses a range of products, including:

  • Antimicrobial coatings

  • ADA-approved coatings

  • USDA-approved coatings

  • Chemical-resistant applications

  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) and conductive floor coating systems

  • Decorative colored quartz and marble chip mosaic resinous flooring

  • Elastomeric waterproof deck coating, pedestrian and traffic-bearing systems

  • Non-slip coatings

Industries We Serve

  • Beer processing plants and wineries

  • Biopharmaceutical research and manufacturing

  • Animal health and husbandry

  • Meat and poultry processing facilities

  • Medical research and laboratory facilities

  • Health care – clinics and hospitals

  • Food processing and beverage plants

  • Educational institutions and correctional facilities – restrooms, locker rooms, and showers

  • Commercial and institutional food preparation kitchens

  • Electronics manufacturing

  • Computer hardware and software development and manufacturing

  • Manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution

  • Aircraft and aerospace manufacturing and hangar facilities

  • Automotive repair shops

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