West Coast Industrial Flooring (WCIF) founder, president and CEO Michael G. Houx is a prominent member of numerous industry organizations, including the Polymeric Flooring Advisory Committee and the SSPC (Society for Protective Coatings), as well as the Polymer Coating and Surfacing Institute Technical Committee. Membership is highly selective in these organizations, acceptance in which indicates peer recognition of capabilities.

Mike is well known for his expertise in polymer coating foundation and assembly of surfacing systems for the bio-pharmaceutical, food and beverage, animal housing and institutional facilities.

WCIF uses only proven dependable products from reputable manufacturers, and we have developed unexcelled proficiency in using those products. BASF, Crossfield Products, General Polymers, Gaco Western, Key Resin, and many others have recognized WCIF as an expert applicator.

We are one of only seven American installation contractors that have earned master applicator accreditation from BASF, which is based upon our consistently demonstrated expertise. Ucrete is an exceptionally durable seamless cementitious urethane technology developed as a superior alternative to acid brick and quarry tile.

WCIF likewise has gained national recognition for the superior work and experience level of our field crew. WCIF is working toward the SSPC’s prestigious QP8 Certification, which is a prequalification program that verifies technical knowledge, personnel qualifications, management procedures, quality control procedures, and safety, health and environmental compliance in proper preparation of the flooring substrate and installation of polymer coatings on concrete and other cementitious surfaces.

Safety qualifications

WCIF abides by rigorous protocols to ensure the safety of our employees and our clients. We enlist our suppliers and industry organizations to conduct ongoing training for our employees in application techniques for existing and new products. We also regularly conduct in-house training in techniques and safety procedures.

All WCIF foreman meet OSHA 30 qualifications, and we adhere to ASTM testing methods to assure best and safest use of our installation systems.

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